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German Review Blog for our Liposomal Vitamin C

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Some folks across the Atlantic in Germany called us several months back and asked if they could Review our Liposomal Vitamin C. Of course we said yes. We dont have a market for our product in Germany at this time, so this was an unsolicited review. We felt this could be important to illustrate an unbiased perspective from folks in a country like Germany, to which we currently do not even sell our products. And, it didn't cost us anything for the review except the price of the product and shipping costs.

We appreciate the kind words about our product. Thank you Sachen Testet!

Here is the link to the German review website known as Sachsen Testet:

Translated in English the Review reads.

Liposomal supplements are becoming increasingly popular. The more difficult to find really good products, since liposomally encapsulated vitamins are quite expensive. Today we would like to introduce you to another product which in our opinion belongs to the TOP Vitamin C products on the market. Nutrient Tree Liposomal Vitamin C The product is available in the 150ml bottle and in the practical 5ml sachets.

Nutrient Tree's liposomal vitamin C is made with true liposomes that are at least 200 nanometers in size. The whole is dissolved in non-GMO sunflower oil. One waives the production entirely on alcohol. The product is also soy and gluten free. It is produced in the USA in an FDA certified company. Further information on the production and benefits of liposomal supplementation can be found on the homepage of Nutrient Tree: We find liposomal Vitamin C of Nutrient Tree among the TOP products on the market international market!

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