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Nutrient Tree Liposomal Vitamin C 120ml Bottle

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Some of the many documented benefits of using Liposomal Vitamin C:

• Super charges your immune system to help defend against and fight bacterial and viral infections (colds and flu) and many other diseases.

• Many people experience an increase or a boost in energy.

• Can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

• Is shown to have positive effects for those suffering from Lyme disease.

• Helps those with heart disease like high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

• Promotes collagen production, the essential building block of connective tissues and arteries and the protein that keeps your skin looking young and healthy.

• Detoxifies the body ridding it of free radicals and heavy metals.

• Helps neutralize inflammation, which has a primary link to heart disease.

• Can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and lower triglycerides.

• Can help restore impaired blood flow through heart and small blood vessels.

• Helps regulate insulin and treat diabetes.

• Phosphatidylcholine Reduces: LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides, total serum lipids (fat in blood), and cholesterol deposits in vascular walls.

• Phosphatidylcholine Increases or Improves: HDL, red blood cell fluidity, exercise tolerance, immunity, memory, coronary circulation, circulation in feet and hands.

• High dose of Vitamin C without the worries of an upset stomach.

About Nutrient Tree Products

• Made with REAL liposomes at less than 200 nanometers in size. Liposomes MUST be at least this small or smaller in order to avoid gastric upset and to deliver the highest payload of Vitamin C.

• Nutrient Tree liposomes are made with healthy, pure, non-GMO sunflower oil.

• 100% alcohol free, non-soy and gluten-free. Perfect for those with nut allergies and special dietary needs.

• Mixes easily.

• Made in the USA in an FDA-certified facility. Nutrient Tree Liposomal Vitamin C is made under the strictest, oxygen-free conditions, utilizing state-of-the-art liposomal encapsulation technology and the highest quality ingredients.

Notice: Please gently shake bottle before use.

Component 1) Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a valuable agent for improving immune function (Boosts and Super Charges the immune system)

By suppressing oxidative stress, vitamin C increases the life span of immune cells and reduces infection-related cellular damage. This bolsters the immune system’s ability to fend off a broad range of infectious agents. Vitamin C is also the most powerful antioxidant known to occur naturally in living tissues.

Vitamin C Helps Prevent and Fight Infections

Vitamin C not only speeds recovery from infections, but more important, may also help to prevent the onset of infections.

Vitamin C intake has been found to help speed resolution of upper respiratory tract infections.


Vitamin C’s multifaceted effects in protecting against cardiovascular disease may be partly responsible for the strong association between optimal vitamin C intake and increased life span. Vitamin C is required to produce collagen. Collagen is the essential building block of connective tissues and arteries and the protein that keeps your skin looking young and healthy.

Those who take more optimal amounts of the vitamin enjoy improvements in their appearance; e.g., "thicker" and wrinkle-free skin, increased fingernail growth, the elimination of certain age spots and dark circles under and around the eyes, as well as better healing.

A little known benefit discovered by dentists in the 1950s is that mega dose of liposomal vitamin C daily helps to prevents dental cavities.

Helps Fight Heart Disease

Vitamin C may help support the heart and vascular system by protecting against endothelial dysfunction (Endothelial dysfunction is a condition in which the endothelial layer (the inner lining) of the small arteries fails to function normally. As a result, several bad things can happen to the tissues supplied by those arteries), preventing heart attacks, and countering the dangerous oxidation of blood lipids.

  • Can help neutralize inflammation, which has a primary link to heart disease.
  • Can help reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lower triglycerides.
  • Can help restore impaired blood flow through the heart and small vessels.
  • Has likewise demonstrated powerful effects against endothelial dysfunction caused by smoking.

Helps the body to produce collagen so it keeps you looking young.

High Dose Vitamin C improves overall Health and can help cleanse the cells of the body.

  • Get a Mega Dose in a single teaspoon serving. Taking a single 1,000 milligram dose (one teaspoon) of Nutrient Tree Liposomal Vitamin C is equivalent to taking handful of Vitamin C pills so it is 10 to 20 times more powerful than pills, powders, or liquids.
  • Proven Small Size Liposomes. Our liposomal Vitamin C formula is made with “stable” liposomes that are proven (we have Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) images to illustrate this claim) to be 200 nanometers or less in size (the majority of our liposomes are much smaller than 200 nanometers which is good) which has been scientifically proven to be the size necessary for true intracellular absorption and uptake (absorbed directly into the walls of the cells of the body).
  • No Gastrointestinal Upset. Our unique Liposomal Encapsulation process creates billions of nano-sized spherical capsules, kind of like tiny dense bubbles, that hold and protect specific vitamins, antioxidants, and supplements. These tiny bubbles, or liposomes as they are called, have a protective bilayer phospholipid shell to provide unmatched protection of these nutrients from the destructive enzymes in the mouth and stomach, and digestive juices, bile salts, and various flora in the intestines. This protective sphere (derived from the highest purity tested all natural sunflower oil) stays intact until the nutrients are delivered directly to the cells of our body while avoiding gastrointestinal upset (diarrhea, gas, cramping, and upset stomach).

Component 2) Phosphatidylcholine

The Phosphatidylcholine (PC) which constitutes the bilayer shell of each liposome has huge health benefits that equal or exceed the vitamin or supplement contained within the liposome.

Observed health and anti-aging benefits of polyunsaturated PC (essentail phospholipids):

  • Can help reduce total serum lipids (fat in the blood)
  • Can help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Can help increase HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Can help reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Can help reduce cholesterol build up in arteries
  • Effective anti-oxidant in lipids
  • Can help reduce blood stickiness
  • Can help increase red blood cell fluidity
  • Can help improve coronary circulation
  • Can help increase exercise tolerance
  • Can help improve circulation in hands and feet
  • Can help protect and rejuvenate the liver
  • Can help improve immunity
  • Can help improve memory
  • Can help prevent wrinkles and scarring

We mention the above benefits because PC detoxifies and rebuilds the liver and can reverse fatty liver which so many people suffer from who consume a western diet.

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