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Traditional forms of vitamins & supplements including pills, tablets, powders, capsules, and liquids are extremely susceptible to the harsh and acidic environment of the digestive system.  As a result, when these forms of vitamins and supplements are taken orally, most of the nutrients are destroyed in the stomach or intestines and never reach the cells of the body.


Vitamins and supplements that are made using Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (L.E.T.) are able to bypass the destructive environment of the digestive systems. To do this L.E.T. utilizes “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres which are perfectly sealed microscopic bubbles constructed from the same material as all cell membranes in the body. They are made from Pure Phosphatidylcholine (PC) derived from Pure Sunflower Oil. These “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres trap & perfectly seal Vitamin and Supplement Molecules inside a protective bubble which passes easily through the gastric barrier and directly to the cells of the body via the lymphatic system and then the bloodstream.


The distinct similarities between cell membranes and the Micro-Spheres create a natural attraction. This attraction allows the Micro-Spheres to bond directly with cell membranes to deliver the given vitamin/supplement Intracellularly. This intracellular deliver provides maximum absorption and bioavailability beyond even intravenously delivered Vitamin C.


Because of the size and structure of these  “Intelligent” Liposomes (only a few millionths of an inch in diameter or less than 200 nanometers) they have the incredible ability to resist the harsh digestive elements of the gastrointestinal tract and slip through the stomach and small intestines without being destroyed, altered, or eliminating the vitamin or supplement contained within. The “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres then release their payload driectly into the bloodstream in complete form.


As a result of this remarkable technology, the “Intelligent” Liposomal Micro-Spheres vastly increase absorbtion, while also preventing digestive discomfort commonly associated with large doses of oral vitamin supplements. 

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